stoked since birth.

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“There was once a man who became unstuck in the world – he took the wind for a map, he took the sky for a clock, and he set off with no destination. He was never lost.” 3rd mate. i work on containerships and sail the world to experience everything it has to offer. originally from the right coast but now the left coast is where i hang my hat. instagram is -spencer_call

that im in the middle of the pacific ocean on a ship right now yet i have wifi. technology is gettting gnarrly


It refers to a girl from back in the day who is one of those ones who I’ve never quite been able to get outta my head. She told me to make one of these stupid things a long time ago so that’s where that’s from


I studied to be a 3rd mate at a maritime academy for 4 years and got my license and now have to raddest job I could hope for